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In a world that has been abandoned by humans, a mechanical monk follows a strange little red man. After crossing forests, dead cities and desolate plains, the two odd characters reach the top of a magic hill. The discovery of a torn teddy bear who’s in bad shape reconciles the two. They join forces, in hopes of bringing the inanimate toy to life and escaping the void that surrounds them.

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Production note

The Bear’s Tales represents a low-budget project born from a real challenge: filming in two people only, during a forty days long trip across Finland and Norway. Samuele Sestieri and Olmo Amato covered all the tasks necessary for filming from the production to the direction, from the photography to the acting. The post-production of this film lasted two years and has engaged several collaborators: thanks to “New Digital” homemade sounding of the entire movie using sounds created specifically in the hall by a group of foley artists has been possible. Moreover, the movie has been enriched with both the contributions of Riccardo Magni, who composed the original soundtrack, and the actress – singer Virginia Quaranta, who gave voice to the characters, creating a new language. To complete the film a forty days crowdfunding campaign on the web platform “Indiegogo” was launched. Finally the movie got the collaboration of Mauro Santini as associate producer; an independent filmmaker who with “Offsetcamera” and starting with “The bear’s tales” has set a path of supporting indipendent and low-budget movies.

Director’s statement
“Right from the beginning, our idea was to transform the scanty means at our disposal into an authentic resource: no dolly, no tracks, not even a Steadycam. Rather than excessive programming and theory, we wanted a vibrant, pulsating mise-en-scène which would breathe with its characters. The screenplay was only a starting point: the places and people we met during our journey modified, broadened and enriched our story. In the presence of the marvels of pristine nature, ours was the virgin point of view of someone who wants to learn to see as though it were for the first time.”


Cast and Credits

Anno di produzione: 2015
Regia: Samuele Sestieri, Olmo Amato
Soggetto e sceneggiatura: Samuele Sestieri, Olmo Amato
Cast: Samuele Sestieri, Olmo Amato, Freya Roberts, Bengt Roberts
Produzione: Samuele Sestieri, Olmo Amato
In collaborazione con Offsetcamera di Mauro Santini
Fotografia: Samuele Sestieri, Olmo Amato
Montaggio: Samuele Sestieri
Musiche originali: Riccardo Magni
Altri brani musicali: Virginia Quaranta, Remo De Vico
Voci: Virginia Quaranta
Sonoro: New Digital
Electronic sound design: Remo De Vico
Mixaggio Audio: Claudio Toselli
Effetti sonori: Gianluca Basili
Rumorista: Sergio Basili
Fonico di sala ed effetti sonori: Massimo Rocchi
Fonico di doppiaggio: Roberto Di Pasquale
Assistenza audio: Remo De Vico
Doppiaggio Mr.Bengt Roberts: Jim Hancock
Effetti video e color correction: Olmo Amato
Motion graphics: Andrea Maioli, Davide Marinucci
Assistenza postproduzione video: Alessio Franco
Grafica: Olmo Amato, Marianna Coppo
Disegni: Marianna Coppo
Propmaking: Matteo De Gregori
Ufficio stampa: Gabriele Barcaro
Traduzioni e sottotitoli: Tiziana Battiston, Francesco Luciani
Ufficio Stampa festival: Francesca Riccardi, Carlotta Velda Mei,
Promozione crowdfunding: Francesco Cucciniello
Durata: 67 minuti

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